How do I?


I am not talking so much about our family budget though to be honest we could be better.


I get $100 a month to spend how I please and I swear that it is gone in like a day and I have no Fucking clue how. And then I am taking money out from our family budget and all that does is hurt my family. You may say just stop spending but sometimes it isn’t that easy, I need to relearn my spending habits and I don’t know where to start? I am an impulse shopper and I know that needs to change. Also I have cancelled all beauty subscriptions even though I did that a while back to be honest.  And that saves me like $30 a month and I am not getting over whelmed with beauty crap I won’t use. I want to be able to save some of it so that when I want something a little more ridiculous that I have the money to do it. So tell me how to work on impulse spending and internet spending, I am also the queen of checking out before I have even realize it.

One Reply to “How do I?”

  1. Bobbi, short of resolving the roots of the compulsion, you might try a variation of what I refer to as “shopping at home”. This concept excludes the Internet, you might even want to take the brave step of not shopping, not browsing, not buying anything on the Internet. What then does it mean to “shop at home” first? When you get that feeling, the feeling that you want something new, that you need something new, something that you are missing, touch the dresses, the blouses, the slacks hanging in your closet or Tshirts folded in your dresser or makeup in your vanity, touch every single thing, re-fold, straighten, add something to the box to recycle to your local thrift. Same with books, or household items, go through your kitchen cabinets, storage boxes, touch the things you already have. You might be able to distract yourself until the compulsion passes. It might feel like compulsion trumps gratitude in strength, but it still might be worth a try to verbalize gratitude for the things you already have while “shopping at home”. Do you think any of this might be worth trying?


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