Late Night Musings 

We are 5 mintues from midnight when I started this post. River is resting her head on my hip snoring away, I thought she was annoyed that I was still up. Then she came to snuggle me, so I think she maybe is warming up to me.  She was so standoffish at first. Though she already loves Ian, when he goes up stairs she sits at the baby gate and waits for him.  Why am I awake? Well the left side of my head, ear, and throats hurt. I have no reasoning for why it hurts. I am wondering if it is because I still have my wisdom teeth and the pressure the tooth puts on things. 

I should go to bed, the boys went to bed early tonight cause they were both tired. Which means they will be up early.  And I will be regretting this late night. Though sitting alone in peace and quiet is very relaxing. What do you do to relax?

One Reply to “Late Night Musings ”

  1. I put on my earphones and watch old movies. My old movies are probably different than your old movies, 1930s-1970s.


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