I will admit  I am not the neatest person, I am trying to get better at this. So I decided to Read Unfuck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman after seeing an official Facebook group titled this. I just learned by Google that is is also a blog, boy am I behind or what. I just started it last night and I am not very far into it but I am hoping to learn something from it. Not a dig at anyone, but growing up cleaning house was not something that was thought to be a priority in life and boy do I wish it was.  I will admit since we moved in I haven’t been able to maintain a maintenance level of clean. Lots of things will add into this but for the last few weeks I have maintained the first floor. By cleaning when River goes outside till she comes back in. She normally goes out every hour for around 15 minutes. I can normally get the whole first floor swept while she is out and then mopping broken up into two different trips. She tries to eat the mop and broom. No My second floor is still a mess other then the boys bathroom which C and I tackled last weekend. I plan on tackling all the bathrooms today after I go get another toilet brush, our last one bit the dust. How to get my upstairs unfucked? Also I have a few cleaning questions.

Do you have a toliet brush in each bathroom?

How often do you vacuum your carpeted stairs?

How often do you mop your floors?

Seriously Dusting is the worst, How Often?


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2 Replies to “UFYH”

  1. Right. My ex-husband apparently was not trained to use a toilet brush…. So yes, a brush and plunger in each bathroom. He was also very proficient in stopping things up….. Target has these little combos cheap, I spent a little more on the one for the powder bath. Also, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in each one. I have 4 bathrooms so yeah. Do not buy cheap/generic toilet cleaner- not worth it. Also, a canister of lysol wipes in each one to wipe things down. So everything is in there, and you can clean the bathroom in a dvr pause in 5 minutes.

    Stairs- to quote Jen Hatmaker, off the beam. Depending on the age/condition of carpet, visual check. We dont wear shoes in the house so that helps.

    Mop- I hate real mops. I swiffer and wet jet once a week.

    I have microfiber mitts and do that flylady thing where you do x min a day for dust.

    Basically I do something every day as opposed to all every day. Schedule it in priority order. I work FT so a day of cleaning is unnecessary sadness. When kids are small, focus on germ areas like bathrooms. Things like dust can wait.


  2. I grew up with a very strict cleaning regimen and it wasn’t something I carried no forward into my adult life. I do however have to do things the same way every day or my systematic approach to dealing with my add/OCD falls apart. We have a cleaning caddy in every bathroom that gets out under the sink it has toliet bowl cleaner, vinegar in a spray bottle, a toliet brush, and a sponge and paper towels. I got them at the dollar tree and all the tools in it there as well.
    I sweep everyday, vacuum three times a week and mop at least twice. Dusting is once a week. Finding what works for you and not something you have to fight to get it to work out is key.


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