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As I mentioned in my last post I am going back to school to become a licensed real estate agent, I am doing a self paced program through Texas A&M Commerce. Well last week when I started classes I realized studying on the couch wasn’t going to work for me. Well about the same time a neighbor but a desk out on the corner. Well it took me a week to realize that I needed a desk. So my mom and I decided that instead of buying a new desk I would just use the one on the corner. What an adventure it was the two of us trying to load this thing up in the back of the car, and then realizing that the hatchback won’t close. Lucky I didn’t have to go very far as it was in our subdivision.

PicMonkey Collage
So after bringing it home, I had to make it mine. So with out spending any money (shopping my home) I decorated it. I hope it looks as good as it makes me feel which is happy. I am so glad that I have my own creative space.

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  1. Bravo! What a nice study center you have created, Bobbi … functional, creative, inviting. Progress toward our goals is measured in steps, wish as we might that we could get there in one great leap. Every step is a victory.

    I love that you scrounged for the desk and shopped in your own home to personalize your study center, the concept of “making do” that is proudly associated with the 1930s. These were strong people and their strength came from within. This has to do with being grateful for what we have and being satisfied with what we can do with it, even being proud of our independence from the larger marketplace which feeds on the need to fill emotional holes with the endless “stuff” they have to sell.


  2. Creative spaces are super important. I think that’s the most that I’m looking forward to once we move. I will be able to move everything back into my own room and set up a photography station. Woo hoo!

    I love finding things that can be reused again. Used to love going to the thrift store, but don’t have any good ones right now. Good luck with your classes!


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