July 2016 Goals

I started last month with a group of girls doing our monthly goals. If you would like to read last months it is here. What do I want to strive for in July, this week I would keeping everyone alive, I am having a tough week with depression. As I sit here I have no idea what I want to do so here it goes.


July 2016 Goals:

To enjoy life’s outtakes, not every moment is picture perfect. More often then not they are not, so why enjoy them in stead of letting them stress me out.

To not loose myself to the depression.

To try and blog/Vlog at least once a week.

To make all my CHRP meetings.

I started the path to get my certification to be a real estate agent, so finish at least one unit every two days.

To not cancel plans with people because of the anxiety.

To put my phone down and enjoy the life around me.

4 Replies to “July 2016 Goals”

  1. Great set of goals to aspire to, Bobbi. With this approach you will capture your depression on the battlefield and hold it prisoner!


  2. Hey Bobbi!
    This is a great set of goals! You are much stronger than you realize. Just sitting down and writing down a set of goals that include taking control of your mental health is HUGE! Don’t take that lightly. Don’t discredit the strength that you have over your condition. Girlie, I agree with Kate. You got this! If you need someone to talk to, hit me up on twitter. ♥ Sending you love and positive energy ♥


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