This spring holds a ton of changes for us, C is leaving the army and with comes its on set of challenges. While I am excited to be returning to TEXAS before my birthday!!!! While you can tell I am excited to be returning to Texas, I am stressed about upsetting the status quo that is my life. I am worried about back tracking and losing the progress I have made in my mental health. I am a totally different place. Does anyone else stress about having to find a new care team? I have been blessed to be lucky enough to find a care team that clicked from day one. Then there is changing Ian’s school during the school year. What can I do to help ease him through this big change? On top off all that we have to move, and with that it has it on set of challenges. Like finding a new place to move, and having to find our new home from 12 hours away. Then there is packing, which I am lucky enough to have help from a great friend. Let alone the actual move itself. Lets just hope I can come through all these Changes with my self intact.

One Reply to “ChhChanges”

  1. I think you have identified the issues quite well, Bobbi, and I know you are preparing your plan of attack, to borrow lingo from your husband’s Army job. When I consider how well you adjusted to the changes imposed by your life supporting your husband’s stint in the Army, I feel certain returning to a more familiar and welcoming environment is well within your tolerance – the process just appears overwhelming. You and your friend will pack the boxes with care; the books, your percolator, the dishes, and the toys will be in perfect condition when they arrive in Texas. Don’t forget to use the same care to “pack” yourself and Ollie and Ian so you will all arrive in Texas without any dings. Your family and your faith accompany you wherever you go, and you are a Texan – ain’t nothin’ a Texan can’t do.


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