In 2016; I want to be more Adulty, Adultish, Adult. At 30 you would think I have a better handle on things then I do. I am always battling mount laundry (which I am getting better at; it no longer lives on the love seat in the office now it is typical stalking me in A SMALL laundry basket around the house). The whole keeping my house company ready, I really do strive for this. I was doing so well and then some stuff and things happened (I don’t really want to get into). Being put together, which means not waiting until the last possible minute to get up out of bed. I am tired of making the do I want to look good or do I want to be on time choice. It is time to look like I care about myself, and maybe when I look put together I will feel put together. Learn how to handle what life gives me with grace and be able to give that grace to others. Talking about grace, I want handle all of the upcoming changes that our family is about to face like an adult. Actually doing the homework for bible study, this is one of my biggest struggles. So I guess the whole point of this post is that I want to be better prepared. What do you want 2016, to do for you?


I totally stole the idea for this from Jill who writes Baby Rabies; Go read are post about being more Adulty.


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One Reply to “2016”

  1. Found you on the making your home sing link up- I love your writing style and your openness. I laughed out loud about battling mount laundry, I understand this struggle. Adulting is hard! But you’ve got this 🙂 Nice to meet you!


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