Whats in my planner pouch

As most of you know my hobby is my planners, yes I said planners. I am a nerd what can I say. It makes me happy, and a place to release creative energy. Well along with my planner I have a planner pouch filled with accessories.

This pouch is from Forever 21 (link is directly to the product) and is actually a make up brush holder. I just repurposed it to suit my needs. It is made from pleather and has held up really well I carry it in my purse all the time and have since purchasing it in March.

I carry a ton of stuff in it and yes I have used this out in public, again I reiterate I am a nerd. I enjoy having it with me if I need stuff. No I don’t have any problems zipping it. It holds everything like a champ.

About BadWolfBobbi

Awkward; It’s me. She/Her #lBgtq #Schizoaffective #Aries #Ravenclaw #INFP #type7 #DnD #Whovian #Geek #ComicReader #PlannerGirl #catlady #youtube
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1 Response to Whats in my planner pouch

  1. Sherry Boesch says:

    Love your little foxes! ❤️


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