My Blessing

He came into this world on his on time, with a bit of a push. Why should expect his personality to be any different. As we dive into all these diagnoses and the treatment plans. I often find myself praying asking what did I do wrong? Then I shake myself and remember that God made him and saw him before we ever did, that God has a plan for him, and he is made perfect for that plan. This isn’t an easy path we are headed down.

When I am overwhelmed, I remember all his amazing qualities. He is a kind, faithful, loving boy. Who has so many feelings that they overwhelm him. He loves fiercely. He fights just as fiercely with his brother, but as soon as the fight starts it is over. He is kind. He loves blankets and glow worms.

No matter what this path holds for us, we will concur it.

#100daysofhappiness Day 23  A moment with out screaming or fighting from the masses.

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