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I have a love affair with make up. I truly enjoy wearing it. I don’t take the time most days and that is something I would like to change. I feel better when I take time for myself. I would like to learn how to do a smokey eye this year along with the not there eyeliner look. I will admit that I do have expensive taste when it comes to some make up products, mascara being the main one. I have problems wearing drugstore mascara it makes my eyes itch.
Everyday Basics
My Everday Favorites

I have learned a few things in the past couple years that I wish I would have known all along(not claiming to be an expert). First off do what makes you happy, if you like bold make up rock on. Secondly eye brows matter, I have always waxed them since high school but I have learned filling them in gives me a more polished look. Add some color to you cheeks, who cares if you choose blush or bronzer but just a touch helps me look more alive. I have been wearing NARS Deep Throat for the past couple years and I love it. I have worn bronzer in the past but I know longer tan, so I feel like it doesn’t look right. What are your favorite tips, tricks, or products?

Everything I have.

I forgot to picture my favorite lipgloss NARS Orgasm, Urban Decay Naked, and a lipstick from The Balm.

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