Reengage with Life

I am not at my worst with my internet addiction, that would have been shortly after we lost our baby in 2010 and I couldn’t face reality. I am not at my best though. Do I look fondly back at a life before all this social media hub bub? No, because I have met great friends thanks to the internet, actually message boards lead my to the bible study group I currently attend.

The problem is I use it as an escape to often though. I want my husband when he thinks of me to think of a smiling attentive wife not one who is ignoring him instead choosing to give the internet more attention then him. I want my children to remember a mama who played with them and enjoyed them, I don’t want them to remember an iphone blocking mama’s face.

Iphone FaceI bought Sarah Mae’s e-book “The Unwired Mom” I read the first part and I walked away before I got the challenge part initially. I think my timing for reading it wasn’t right, we had just moved here I was lonely and bitter. The books focus is about engaging with friends in real life, I hadn’t found anyone here yet. The first time I attempt to read this book I was in tears at missing my friends. Today I came to the challenge part, I came at it with my mind and heart in better places. I haven’t found anyone to do it with me yet like the book recommends but I am going to go forward. I am nervous, I spent a good deal in prayer about this challenge (it isn’t a give up the internet challenge, more of a reengage life type challenge). I will blog more about it halfway through the two weeks and at the end. I do love so far how she encourages putting pen to paper and journalling daily. I love the feeling of pen on paper, maybe this will also give me the kick in the tail I need to start journaling again.

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