Ian yelled at Adam Baldwin

Otherwise known as Dallas Comic Con 2013. I was super excited to be going this year and I even had the joy of going with one of my best friends (GusGus), one of my numerous cousins, and Ian went with me on Friday.


On Friday when Ian was with me, it wasn’t as packed so we went around meeting celebrities. I have to give him credit, he was calm and excited especially when it came to meet Adam Baldwin. I have to give Adam Baldwin all kinds of credit, he was nice and friendly even when Ian yelled at him to hurry up talking to the people in fron of us.


On Saturday it was crazy packed but through the magic of twitter I found out that @SmallTownLeah was there with her girls. It was so nice to meet up with her and her awesome girls. I even left Shatner’s panel to meet up with them, lets just say that he rambled about shat (literally) a little too long for my taste.


Of all the panels outside of Adam Baldwin’s, I really enjoyed the Power Ranger Panel on Saturday. I learned this year that I want to dress up for a con in the future and I can’t wait to go again. Yes I will take Ian, he enjoyed it so much as did I.

2 Replies to “Ian yelled at Adam Baldwin”

  1. Yay! I am SO GLAD that we got to meet. I honestly can’t wait to go again either, and I’m going to pull the girls out of school next year so we can go on Friday. Hopefully I’ll get off my butt and get my post up soon too!


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