Favorite Things

As of right now I have a few fun favorite things and songs that I just seem to be listening to over and over again. And as I am home bored on a Saturday night I thought I would share them.

I know that I am a few years behind on this trend but I am in love monograms.


And if you can’t tell from the above pic, I am just now discovering rose gold. There is something so cheery about it.

Then there is a shop I recently discovered on ETSY called Zen Threads. I ordered a pair of sweats from them and I swear if I didn’t have to I would never take them off. I also want one of their cardigans.

I don’t know why I stopped wearing sweatshirts but I rediscovered how comfy they are with awesome little ditty.


I found this in the back of my closet, when I was looking for a bag that would work for my laptop. I can’t believe I forgot about.


Then I seem to have the same five songs on repeat; Angel(DMB), Grey Street(DMB), Broken(Jack Johnson), From a table away, and Skyfall.

One last thing, I am in love with this shirt necklace combo. I can’t wait to wear it in family day to see C.

I have killed of my time on a saturday night and shared somethings that make me happy.

2 Replies to “Favorite Things”

  1. I love that sweatshirt! So cute! Also, rose gold is fairly new on my personal radar and I kind of love it too. It’s too bad that it seems to be more expensive. Or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places….


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