Time is moving forward but I feel stuck

I feel as if time is stuck. I know in my mind that nearly three weeks have past, can someone tell my heart. Ollie has stopped going to the door asking to go get Daddy. I talk to him and Ian about where Daddy is and that he loves us very much. Ian asks what he is doing, he loves the letters that Casey sends him. Talking of letters, I always knew Casey loves me but the way he writes makes me swoon. A friend read the most recent letter and she said, “He loves you more then even you know.”

Now back here basketball for Ian is a challenge, I sometimes wonder if he understands the game. He doesn’t seem to enjoy it as well as soccer. On the school front he is doing so well.

Ollie is just chatting up a storm and he is just becoming his own little person more and more everyday.

I on the other hand feel lost. I don’t know what to do somedays. I never knew how hard this would be. I feel like I am missing part of me.


One Reply to “Time is moving forward but I feel stuck”

  1. You will get through it. It may seem like you won’t, but you will. It’ll only make you stronger and your marriage stronger. You can do it! Call me anytime you need to talk or if you need company. On hard days I remind myself that time always moves at the same speed. It may seem like the seconds are longer, but in actuality they are the exact same length as they always were and always will be.


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