New year new adventure.

Well the last year wasn’t the greatest for our family. We made it through, with an even stronger bond. We will need that bond as we go on this new journey.

Now onto things I want to try to be better for me.

I want to be a better parent. I need to have more patient with my boys.

Be a supportive spouse, give him the type of supportive he gives me.

Lose weight, I don’t really have a goal. More it is try to lose the weight I have gained on my medication.

Get back into therapy!! I was doing so much better when I was receiving help.

Get back into blogging, after my hospitalization I lost my mojo.

Get back into my arts and crafts, when I have something to do with my hands I have more piece of mind.

If you are sensing a theme, then yes putting self care as part of my routine. You are right, I let myself go the last 8 months and I can tell.

As we venture into all this year holds, may everyone find health and happiness.

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