Humbled by him

At this moment when I feel overwhelmed that life isn’t what I imagined it to be as a kid or hell even a naive early 20 something. It hit me that I need to pray to go for the guidance to accept what has been given to me, during those moments it hit me. I AM BLESSED.

I shouldn’t let those little things that I don’t need but want overwhelm me. I should remember that I have a husband who is doing everything he can for us, including preparing to serve his country. He is willing to sacrifice time with us to provide for us. I need to remember when my boys have driven me to the brink, that they have their health and they are here for me to hug. The toughest for me is my battle with the demons of my brain. Even with medication this is the one that is hardest to give to god to bear the burden.

I need to stop trying to carry all these burdens myself, I need to pray more.

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