Radio Silence

Well things have been quiet here, other then beat a dead horse on numerous fronts I have kept my mouth shut, well and there was some technical problems but they have been resolved.

So this post is a jumble of lots of thoughts and who knows if it will make sense (to even me).

First off, I had a long talk with my doc about my weight loss goals. He agrees diet and exercise are god for me but nothing in extremes. Which in the past i have been known to do, we discussed a realistic weight goal. I will have to kiss the idea of the new boots being paid for by my dad good bye. That weight isn’t a health ideal weight for me. I also need to figure out how to work out with both boys. Lets just say going to a gym isn’t in the cards and they need to be my work out buddies. Any ideas, I have a sit and stand stroller as the only double stroller I have.

Enough about weight, lets talk about the fact in less then a week Ollie will be a year old. I can’t believe it. He still isn’t walking and finally has one tooth starting to peek it’s way through.

Our new routine should help me prepare for the not so distance future, I am pretty sure I have mention that C leaves for BCT in Jan. Any advice from my MIL Spouse readers?

Ian’s cast comes off on Monday, a day that I can’t wait for. I feel like I have rambled enough, I more to say but maybe it won’t be so disjointed next time.

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