Sippy Cup


I don’t remember it being so hard with Ian. Ollie on the other hand isn’t really interested, we have tried everything water, milk, juice (yes we did, judge away 2 oz is not going to kill him).


Now he can and will fake it. He might even take a drink or two. Then he just hauls it around like it a favorite old toy.


We have tried both soft spout and hard. No we haven’t tried the straw kind mainly because I hate cleaning them.

So mama’s any tips to help me get him to drink from a sippy cup?

2 Replies to “Sippy Cup”

  1. Just don’t make the bottle an option. We have always done it cold turkey around 13 months. He’ll get thirsty and drink from the cup–he won’t let himself get dehydrated.


  2. We’re having good luck with our 7 month old, but it was really hard for our first two. I think we had to put chocolate milk in my first son’s sippy cup just to get him to take it, and I think he was like a year before he did it.


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