5 Years


Here we are five years later, as of Saturday. We got some crappy news that pretty much ruined our weekend. Luckily our marriage is not built on just happy times. We are lucky we have been blessed with two healthy, happy, mischievous boys. We are in a different place then where we 5 years ago, we are no loner blissful newly weds.


We have overcome many challenges in our short marriage If we can over come 6 layoffs. If we can overcome all the struggles that comes with those, we can overcome what is thrown at us. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows, but what marriage is?


We are starting down a new road, one I am not quiet ready to share with you all. In time I will and I have no idea how it will change our marriage. I know though that if we can make it through the past 5 years, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.


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