Idea Board

We are at a stand still on the master bedroom redo, more accurately we are lazy. It is time to sand and paint our dresser. We are stuck on what color to paint it, do we paint it a fun color or do we paint it to match our bed. It is a hand me down from Casey’s Parents. We also need to find knobs that we like, we do agree no brass. So instead of an update, I am going to share the inspirations I found on Pinterest.

Duvet Cover

The Duvet I feel in love with. There is a whole post behind how I tracked this down and found an identical one at less expensive retailer.

Those are the options I love most for above our bed? Which do you like best?The navy came from a canvas lampshade that has a navy border I got on clearance from Target last summer. The Robins Egg Blue from listening to the ladies on Twitter.

So how would you pain the dresser? We have a canvas print coming for a wall and a few other little tie togethers and then the big revel.

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2 Replies to “Idea Board”

  1. What other colors are in your bedroom? What color are the walls? And what color is your bed currently. BTW, I’m in decorating mode too so if you ever want to garage sale-ing on the weekend let me know…I’m looking for a partner.


  2. Pintrest is so addictive. I love the messages you found saying where you will go I will go and where you stay I will stay. Perfect for a bedroom!


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