Heavy on my Heart- Tithing

Let me preface and say I am no expert.

This is just something that is extremely heavy on my heart. I want to give to my church. I know what I was taught to give. I don’t remember where I heard it growing up but the saying “Give till it hurts” is stuck in my head. Except the place we are at, sometimes even a small amount hurts. How do I make it where I can feel that I am giving yet not taking away from families needs?

So how do you feel about tithing? How do you determine how much you give?


4 Replies to “Heavy on my Heart- Tithing”

  1. We give 10%. We used to struggle with this too, and it is still tough at times to write the check. However, we have seen countless times that God shows up when we need it most. I know that sounds like such a cliche, but it is true. We do still have times where we have to cut back on what we give and we try to make up for it by giving more time in service or helping others in small ways. Tithing is about our attitude, not an amount of money. It is about giving back to God and trusting that he will continue to provide for our every need. Biblically, Jesus tells of the widow who gave less than the rich man, but her gift was greater because it was given from her need, not her want–as in, she literally gave her last while the rich man gave from his excess. Jesus wants us to give in trust, whatever that looks like for you. I would say start with giving just a little bit more than is comfortable without worrying about exactly what the amount it. Don’t be reckless or put your family in danger of losing essential needs, but consider if there is a tiny bit of room where you thought there wasn’t. Most of all, pray about it and ask God to lead you to where He wants you. Thanks for sharing your struggle.


  2. My husband and I decided together at the beginning of our marriage to always give a minimum of 10%. We make sure it comes out first, before anything. What Nicole has said is correct, we have been provided for in all kinds of crazy ways, including people randomly giving us things. Other times, when we’ve had extra, we have given random gifts to people we love. At the same time, we have also been agreed on this throughout our marriage. If one spouse tries to give without 100% agreement of both, it won’t work.


  3. I totally agree with Nicole and Jenny – we take it off the top first thing (like Abel bringing God his best) and this goes for any income we get. Sometimes I get bonuses at work and we take 10% of those too and give it away. God has blessed us abundantly this past year and a half that we have been married and I know it’s because we give him our first and trust him to provide. I recommend you and your hubs pray about it and make sure both your hearts are giving cheerfully, fully expecting blessing and then just do it! Sit back and give to the Lord, knowing He WILL provide for all your needs 🙂


  4. I know I’m way late to this but I had to chime in because I’ve actually been thinking about it lately.

    I’ve gone back and forth with feeling guilty over giving/not giving a full 10%. We don’t have a lot of money left over generally and it just seems so daunting.

    My recent epiphany that Biblical experts may or may not agree with was, who said it had to be cash that we’re giving? Tithing is an old testament concept for the most part and then their tithe was often animals or food. Basically what they produced.

    So I decided that, at least for us, volunteer time would “count” as much as cash money would. Because who ultimately decides what counts? Should be between God and an individual.

    That’s my most recent take on things anyway.


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