When I had no other option.

Ian woke up acting as if he was still tired and after a few hours of meltdowns, no listening, and tears. Someone on twitter recommend taking a walk. So off we went. It was meant to be a short jaunt to the park not a 1/4 mile from our house. After we started I couldn’t think of stop that soon. We went to the park about a mile from our house.




We didn’t plan to go that far, I was wearing flip flops and all we have is a sit and stand stroller but it was nice and we all came back in a better mood.

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3 Responses to When I had no other option.

  1. I am so happy that my advice worked! Yay!


  2. cupcakemummy says:

    Yay at least it worked and everyone got home happy!


  3. Carrie says:

    OMG how cute! And I love that little hat…how fun!


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