I got Fancy

I am trying to make myself get up and get dressed more. I should qualify I mean more then just dressed, I want to do my hair and make up more. I am the queen of the comfy pants and messy hair. What am I talking about, I have messy hair most days. That’s what happens with natural curls. I was making headway in that department and then that bitch that is depression decided to stampede in like a heard of rabid toddlers. Well in the past week, I have done pretty good and managed to get dressed 4 days, what can I say the comfy pant habit is a hard one to break.

I started out last Thursday, I wanted to surprise C when he got home by being dressed. I somehow never manged to get make up on, oh well I gave it my best shot. Good thing I got dressed cause I got to escape for an hour by myself.

www3.15.12Sweater: Urban OutfittersTank: Old NavyJeans: GapNecklace: Treasured Charms (what you can’t see is it is a flying pig)Scarf: BareTree Apparel 
WWW3.15.12Shirt: Old NavyPants: GapNecklace: It is a Tardis on a guitar pick, from Time Machine Jewelry
If you are wondering where the other two times of getting dressed are? Don’t be I forgot to take my picture.  Which makes me sad cause I looked super cute those days.  I am link my efforts up with:
pleated poppyQuick reminder, I have made the move to wordpress. So if you were following me through Google Friend Connect. Please follow me through my rss feed, click the icon  on the sidebar. It will give the option to subscribe through your favorite reader or by email.bobbibabblessiggyEverything linked above I bought with my husband’s hard earned money.  I link because I love the products these companies and the products that they make. 

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