6 Months of

                                                      Whining, Crying, and Happiness. 

        I don’t know if today is the day to write my post about Ollie’s first 6 months. He just won’t stop with the whining add in his brother doing the same and I want to run away. In reality there have been more good days then bad but seems to me the bad stick with you longer then the good.  


Getting ready to go home.

     It is hard to believe that he has gone from such a tiny little creature.  Who was easy going and didn’t know any different to the I have an opinion and I am going to let it be known dude he is today.

Unsure of his crib, his first time trying it out.

    He can say “Hey, Mama, Dada, Bubba(this is the most recent and comical, it is always said in anger), and Abby”. I don’t know if I am relived that he is more interested in talking then moving. I know though that him stay in place days are numbered. By the crappy sleep we are getting here, I would imagine sometime in the next week.

An Ollie and his FootFoot      Teeth, none that you can see but about 3-4 you can feel have popped through the gums. He isn’t a bad teether not yet, with that one of the teeth that has started is an eye tooth. So I know he is feeling it.

Big Big Smiles    His favorite toys are, the ball that GiGi got you for Christmas, Sophie the very expensive dog toy, and anything of your brothers he can get his hands on. Not that Ian likes sharing.

GEDC0561     He loves to snuggle, and most nights around 4 am he wakes up and wants in bed with us. Unlike your brother was/is you are a snuggler. For the most part I like that, I never thought I would be a part time bed sharer. I don’t even mind it.

     Food, he has tried rice cereal, banana, apple (both puree and sucked on a piece), puffs (numerous flavors) he can feed these to himself, green beans, and a few other things I can’t remember. He is finally really getting interested in what we are eating and wanting to eat him self.  I don’t know how I feel about this, it seems as if his baby hood is flying by.

Somebody snuck a ride while bubba napped.

     I can’t remember life with out him. He is the missing piece to our family puzzle. 
     These first six month have flown by and been field with so many emotions. I can’t wait to see what the rest of his life brings.

Don’t miss any of my adventures of being a Grown upIf you want more Bobbi, check out my babbles Pardon the flow of this post, it took me all day to get to sit down and write it. I am also running on like 4 hours sleep and hours of whining from the boys. 

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