I miss her.


In my birth story with Ollie, I talked about my cousin. My first best friend, Kimberly Laura. As I was going through pictures for my new header early this week. I stumbled upon the one in my header with the rollers in my hair. I was getting ready for her wedding. I love her, even when we don’t like each other. Trust me those moments have been as plentiful as the good. Being that we are two years apart in age, we have had lots of good and bad.

I miss her, I don’t get to see her enough. We both are married now with babies. I am grateful to have her there to call on whenever I need her.

I love the fact that she was there when Ollie was born. When I thought she wasn’t going to make it I was heart broken. I knew my other cousins would be there but Kimberly and I have a special bond. One that I don’t think I can or ever will be able to explain.
I miss being ten minutes from her. I miss the fact that Ian and Wyatt won’t grow up as close as she and I. I don’t think this post has a point, but it was on my mind. I don’t know if I should publish it but I will.

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