One Am Babbles

   Today was a rough day here, Ollie is still in the throws of the never ending cold. I couldn’t even do the dishes with out him screaming. At one point it got so bad that I took the neighbor up on her offer to take him, I needed to do the dishes with out being screamed at the whole time. Where was Ian you ask? He was being great playing cars and being helpful which means any day now we are do for a bad day the two of us. This parenting two kids stuff is hard, most days I don’t feel as if I am failing to show both boys the attention they need. How can I gain a balance? I feel like Ian is getting the shaft most days, I don’t want that for him. I want him to thrive and feel loved. I know that sleep deprivation is part of why I am feeling like this(yes I know I am writing this at one am). That is what happens when you haven’t been sleeping due to calming your cough sick baby.

     Part of me wonders are these thoughts because I have had no choice but to wean of my medication due to having no insurance. Which means no way to go to the doctor to get a new prescription and the cost of filling them each month. When did it become a choice to have health insurance for me or pay an important bill.  I don’t think I mentioned this before but for us to have insurance through C’s work it would be $800 for the boys and I. That is insane, luckily they qualify for state aid still (even if it is a broken system). What happens to us who are left with out the option of aid and is afraid because of their history private insurance would be just as much?
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5 Replies to “One Am Babbles”

  1. We have to get private insurance because through Christian's work it would be $1250 per month for the kids and I. We have bare-bones health insurance from and it's less than $400/month for me and 3 kids (we have to cover his stepdaughter). If we had only 2 kids it would be $100 cheaper. Might try that. But yea, I don't think its necessarily the lack of meds that makes 2 kids hard. I've never had any PPD or anything & it's hard for me.


  2. We are looking at that, and my friend can get us a pretty decent policy for me for $170 a month. Right now the boys have aid until may when blue cross blue shields has there open enrollment for their children specific policies. My biggest fear is when they start digging through my medical history they will want to charge me an arm and a leg.


  3. See my post:'m lucky enough to own the business I work for, so once I hired my second person, group healthcare because a possibility. My son was denied healthcare coverage because he's on the autism spectrum. I was denied healthcare coverage because I'm about 80# overweight. My wife was on anti-depressants so her rates were jacked WAY up.The only two were approved with no riders/waivers were my eldest and youngest sons. And my youngest son is on record as having chronic sinus problems.Under the group health plan it's not cheap, but at least we're covered, to the tune of about $1350/month.I know right?My point is, it's all a pile of crap. You shouldn't be going broke to buy healthcare. Period. The minute you make healthcare a for-profit industry, well lets just say the system started out broken.Keep researching, there *ARE* programs out there that cover prescriptions and emergency care for adults too. And soon the healthcare exchanges will be up and running, I hope. Barring stupid getting into the whitehouse.


  4. Shame chick! I totally get the insurance thing – for me it is not an option but then again we can get affordable health insurance.Kids do survive and they are more resilient that you think.We do the best we can!


  5. that's awful. i hate that health insurance is so expensive. have you looked into any of the drug company programs where they help cover the cost of your medication? maybe that would be a way to be able to keep taking it?and don't worry too much about ian…i find the time spent on each child is balancing itself out and M is doing better in some ways for having a bit more time playing on his own.


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