RSVP is it Dead?

rsvp Pictures, Images and PhotosI am in full party planning mode over here, with Casey and Ian’s birthdays just 8 days apart. I even managed to mail real paper invites for both parties in a timely manner. A first for me, my wedding invitations went out 21 days before the wedding. So there wasn’t even time to worry about RSVPS for it.

So with getting invites out at all, I included information to RSVP.  Today is the date I put for Ian’s invite. As of yesterday I had heard from a handful of people. I am so frustrated, is the concept of the rsvp dying?

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3 Replies to “RSVP is it Dead?”

  1. Sadly, RSVPs are few and far between, it seems. I feel like there is a better response when the invitation is an evite, but even then you have people who won't respond. So frustrating! Hope they have great parties, though!


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