Ollie the Oddball

Otherwise known as my teething infant is getting teeth his own way. Today has been a ball of unhappy Ollie, I knew all signs led to teething. So I got brave, I have been bitten once to many times by the toddler for my liking. Stuck my finger in to investigate and what does my wandering finger feel, the start of a tooth popping through. Except it isn’t where it is supposed to be, the first tooth through is normally one of the bottom front four. Now oddball Ollie decided getting his right upper canine is the way to go. Mama’s back me up, I have blocked teething for the most part the canines are almost if not worse then the molars. So it has begun the dreaded teething monster has taken my sweet happy baby. On the good side, I now know what to put in Ollie’s stocking. The Sweet Face that has been replaced by an angry one. I melt.
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