Happy Halloweem

Halloween 2011The weekends leading up to Halloween and Halloween where busy here. The festivities kicked off with a our friends annual Halloween party. Then there was a showing of one of my favorite movies at Mockingbird Station hosted by the Angelika. Where there was a costume contest, sadly not many people showed up in costumes but the winner was very creative. The judges were from the Dallas Children’s Theater and they were dressed as characters from The Wiz.The Winner

Costume contest winner The Judges

The WizThe best part of the movie event was Mockingbird Station had hired The Circus Freaks to perform before the movie. The stilt walker Tree could hula hoop and still look graceful on her stilts. The Circus FreaksOur Halloween Festivities drew to a close with Trick or Treating in Abby’s parents neighborhood, Ollie was a monster who stayed with Gigi (that is what Ian decided to call Abby’s mom when he was around a year old) and John helping pass out candy. Ian the Farmer rode in his wagon and went trick or treating. Farmer IanAll in all it was a great time for us.

I was not asked to blog about any of these events, I just enjoyed them and wanted to share.

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