The past 36 hours

#babywearing one whiny Ollie.Holy hell, where did my sweet Ollie go? He has been replaced by a non-napping, screaming, cranky bub. Yes he has always had a need for me, but last night Casey couldn’t even hold him with out him melting down. I wonder if part of the reason yesterday evening was so rough is he didn’t nap all afternoon. Well that theory got shot in the foot when he woke up in the same mood. This was after him sleeping beside me all night, even if I waited till he was fully asleep and tried to place him in his bed. It failed miserably. This mama was ready to pull her hair out, so I broke out the moby and decided we were going on a family walk. I went out to set up the jogging stroller to push Ian, and what do I find? It has 2 flats, I about cried. We pulled out our umbrella stroller and decided to go anyways, wow is all I can say. It isn’t meant for neighborhood style walking. We came back in and start the smurf dvd at Ian’s request for the second time. While I prepared lunch, to the music of a crying baby. We got lunch served for all of us, clean diapers, and then they went to their beds. So far everyone has quieted down, strike that Ian is singing. lets hope for a better evening. I wonder if is ear hurts and he can't tell me?
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