6 Weeks of Ollie

I am a little late to the game to call it a one month post. He will be six weeks old this Monday so I am a little early too. You confused yet, Good.
Joe Cool.

He has already had his one month check, he is now up to 9.9lbs, 22.5 inches long, and has a head that isn’t falling off the charts for being to small (unlike his brother). He doesn’t like to burp, he thinks it is torture along with tummy time.

Showing what to do during tummy time.
Ian showing him how tummy time should be done.

He sleeps like a baby in chunks, but if he misses his big chunk of nap in the afternoon forget getting to sleep that night. The night after his check up, which happened during afternoon nap time. He thought it was party time, he wanted to be held and us looking at him. If we closed our eyes and he saw he started yelling, not crying at us and when he wasn’t yelling he was just babbling away shaking his baby hands at us. I have since learned long nap must not be skipped.

Sleep is for the weak pt. ?

The Big Brother has taken to Ollie wonderfully. He thinks he is his, when someone at church holds Ollie he runs over and shouts “Mine”. He loves to hold and kiss his bubba, he shares his toys with him. I don’t know how this will go when Ollie wants to play with them. He has reacted better then I ever could have imagined.

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