4 weeks in

Yesterday was the start of Ollie’s fourth week of life. We are all still adjusting, there have been some growing pains for all of us. Ian over all has taken to being a big brother quite well. He loves to love on Ollie and give him kisses. Casey and I are adjusting to being parents of two. It has been easy since he is home with me all the time after being let go from his job when Ollie was one week old. He is looking again for the second time this year for a job and his field is hurting so bad. So please pray for us, we need them. Back on track now, we have got a nice groove going on. I do need to work on making sure i give Ian enough Mama love and Casey gets time with Ollie. We seem to have a groove were Dad handles Ian and I handle Ollie. Well I am exhausted and drawing a blank now.

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