When the time comes

Other wise known as early labor sucks. I didn’t have any real signs of labor with Ian. I had some intense BH which led this jumpy at the time FTM to L&D more then once. This time after speaking with Dr. Ass (more on him and his practice to come after ollie’s safe arrival), that what I am experiencing this time is Early Labor, and it isn’t always short. Man, I thought I had left period cramps behind When the test was positive back in Dec. Nope their back along with their friend back ache and painful contraction. I can deal with this, if doesn’t come on his own before Sunday. He has no choice he is coming, we start the induction process. Which Dr. Ass thinks might not even need pit with the way my cervix is looking. Please don’t lecture me on how induction is bad, I know it is but unless you know the full story of any given person you have no right to judge. I will eventually share why we went the way are going but this isn’t the post. So I am in the final countdown, I would love to go on my own (fingers crossed). I am going to deep clean my house and love Ian as his last few hours as an only flit away.

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