When the Idea Backfires

I had the brilliant idea that I would shower with Ian before bed, when he was done have Casey switch him out for Foot. The switch went fine but the toddler melt down of being made to get out the shower before mama was finished almost made poor Foot (already stressed out by getting a bath) almost brake down. She wanted to make her baby better, she kept whimpering and pawing at him through the shower door, then she would look at me like I was the meanest person ever. When finished with her I then realized I had to clean myself, so a light bulb went off (I will whole heartily admit that this is not my finest moment as a parent). I let foot out to be dried by Casey and the toddler back in so that I could at least wash myself with out the screaming. We are all clean now, there is laundry to be done and dinner to make but WE ARE ALL CLEAN!

This Picture has nothing to do with the post
Getting her pout on.

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