In the midnight hour

He yelled,”Mama, Mama, Mama”.

Really it was the two am hour but, I still awoke to the cry of my name. Which in our house is a strange thing to be heard. So I jumped up and went in to cuddle him, he finally fell back asleep after telling me he had a bad dream and was scared. So we cuddled he fell back asleep and when I decided to leave, I tripped over a toy and he woke back up. I gave up and tried to bring him to our bed, but 15 mins in he sits up and announce he wants his bed. So we go he gets back in his bed and I leave. Not 20 mins later he is upset again, I go in and lay down and he whimpers to sleep. After the 3rd time it must have been the charm, he stayed down till he crawled into bed with me this morning telling me he was sorry about his bad dreams.

A boy and his blanket

I told him, I love him and that it didn’t bother mama at all. I am amazed every day how much he is growing and changing.

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