Case of the Missing Jeans

No Pants

Since our move a little over a month ago, my favorite pair of maternity jeans and all but one pair of Ian’s jeans have gone missing. With the weather being as nice as it has been, this hasn’t been an issue. Until today when I checked the weather and realized that the upcoming week was supposed to be a bit chilly.

Now on my missing jeans, I have been making due with my favorite pair from my first pregnancy, but the elastic is stretched from the end and they fall down all the time. Now we do have about 5 boxes in our garage I haven’t gotten to yet (avoiding would be more the case). Now I can’t avoid them any longer since I am 90% sure that is where the missing pants are hiding.

Now if that isn’t the case, I guess I will be washing the 2 pairs of sweats he has that fits that I know where they are at. Luckily since I don’t plan on going much of anywhere this week, I think I will stick with pj bottoms and sweats. I have been trying to get up and get dressed every morning but I am not going to fight with those jeans all week. So I can rock fixed hair, a nice tshirt, and make up with comfy pants.

So if you have any clues where my sons pants could have gone pass the info this way. There will be a reward.

Yes those are Rubiks cubes all over Ian’s shoes. I acquired them off Ebay last year, it has taken this long for them to somewhat fit. They are Converse.

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