No, No, No

2 days this past week Ian has woke and the first word out of his mouth is NO. The first day was horrible, he was in a no mood all day. Today is the second day this has happened. I don’t want a repeat of the first day. I know that the poor guy isn’t feeling his best and at two he can’t communicate everything the best yet. That is no excuse for me to fall down the bad mood tunnel with him.

More I want to figure out how to improve his mood when he wakes up with the toddler blues. I don’t expect it to be easy, heck it might not even be possible. He is one stubborn little dude. What does one Mama due when the word heard most through out the day is No, NO, NO. I feel as if he is singing the course to Rehab to me.

What do you veteran mama’s do when your child has a chase of the no, no, noes?

No, No, NO

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