My Boys (and I don’t mean Casey)

That is right this womb mate is a BOY!!! And he is already like his brother trying to scare his mama. The ultrasound revealed a cyst on his brain that wouldn’t normally be any concern if it wasn’t the size it is. In other words it good be nothing to anything, so now we wait for some blood work results to come back on Friday.

And to keep what little sanity I have to begin with, by staying of google. I know what I could find is probably so skewed. My sanity though is being chipped away slowly by the big boy.

The last week are so Ian has had some bad seasonal allergy symptoms, he has been sounding miserable. After listening to him for a week and trying various other things with no improvement. I made a an appointment with his DR. to discuss prescription allergy medicine. We are now a bit poorer and 2 allergy medicines richer for the dude. We were proud of him last night he took both with no fight at all.

So now we wait on both boys, to see what is happening.

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