100 Things

In no particular order a 100 random things about me. Some of them my surprise you, others you may already know but I can guarantee after this you are gonna think I am one crazy, unique woman.

1. I am a self confessed lover of trashy magazines.
2. I can’t spell or use grammar (so just be patience with me).
3. I used to work as a wine consultant and loved every moment of it.
4. I didn’t know a thing about wine when I got the job, learned alot while I was there though.
5. I married the love of my life.
6. I love landline phones.
7. My family is some of my best friends, I wish everyone could be so lucky.
8. When we first brought Ian home, I was more excited to see my dog then about bringing the baby home.
9. I would rather wear mismatched socks then mated ones.
10. I have always wanted to dye my hair blond.
11. I am terrified of iguanas and feet.
12. I had more jobs then years I have been alive and I think the experience gained with each one has helped make me a better employee at the next.
13. When Ian gets older and ask why can the dog sleep with you and not me, I will tell him the same thing my dad told me , “we love the dog more then you.”
14. I enjoy reading blogs of people I will never meet who are not famous.
15. I miss Bob 2 (my first car that I owned)
16. I grew up in a church, and really wish that I would make myself commit to one again
17. I “collect” bags and shoes like some people collect art.
18. I love camping and being outside but I hate nature.
19. I drink my coffee blond and sweet.
20. I wish most days that cell phones had never been invented.
22. My biggest fear is not death but being the last one of my loved ones left alive.
23. My parents divorce did not happen soon enough in my opinion.
24. I find it amusing and am not at all ashamed that b-rons list of the ppl he can’t stand is named after me. (Luckily I am no longer on that list)
25. I am an only child but I have four brothers and sisters.
26. I wish it was acceptable for adults to have imaginary friends.
27. I have the greatest Friends in the world, they help me to hold on to the little bit of sanity I have left.
28. I have a dog named FootFoot who thinks she is part cat and part human.
29. I once had a first date that lasted 3 days and there was no sex on that date.
30. I still read Nancy Drew Books
31. I miss living in my hometown, my family is to far away now to see whenever I want.
32. I can type and peel a banana with my feet.
33. I broke my arm at work once.
34. I want to travel to D.C. someday, just so I can see Oscar the Grouch
35. I wish that I was already pregnant with Baby 2
36. I have a small addiction to reality TV.
37. When I get my next tattoo I am breaking every rule, I every made for myself and I don’t care.
38. Art is one of my passions even if I can’t draw or paint worth a shit.
39. My best friends name is Laura yet I call her Lou, she says she hates it but when I call her Laura she looks at me funny.
40. My wedding had Man of Honor my friend GusGus who I don’t see often enough.
41. When my Grannie passed away I was terrified that my family would fall apart (she was our rock).
42. I haven’t finished college yet because I am terrified to choose a major and label myself.
43. I am a formula feeder but secretly wish I could have breastfed.
44. I love movies that other people hate. (i.e.: Centerstage, Monstersquad, Vibes, the Scream trilogy)
45. I am sad to say I don’t really remember my Poppy.
46. I named my son after my dad and poppy to agitate my mother.
47. I had a car accident where I nearly died when I was 17, it was the most humbling experience of my life so far.
48. I never questioned God for putting me in that wheelchair, though I did question him six weeks later why Jen and not me? I still wonder why me to this day.
49. I started drinking coffee with my childhood friends Alicia’s dad, I owe Bob so much he introduced me to so many things other then coffee.
50. My all time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.
51. I have an unnatural obsession with Yoda.
52. I named a stuff rabbit after my crush when I was in preschool, the two meet when we were in high school thanks to my friends.
53. I still have that stuffed rabbit, he was made with love by my Grannie.
54. Of all the “That 70’s Show” characters I relate to Fez the most.
55. Sometime I wish I could be a 1950’s housewife
56. Every summer from mid-june til mid-august, I have severe insomnia.
57. I am a recovering pack rat.
58. I blogged off and on through college.
59. I debating weather or not to import those blogs?
60. I have always wanted to pierce my nose.
61. I have pierced my belly button twice, I never changed the barbell form the one they pierced it with.
62. I have metal in both my legs and I think the scars are sexy.
63. I have the best In-Laws, they are crazy and loud just like me.
64. I am love the fact that I am lost on the road map of life it just makes it more fun.
65. Cloth diapering is easier to me then disposables.
66. I can kill any plant, I am not blessed with a green thumb.
67. I can watch the same movies over and over again with out ever getting tired of them.
68. Most of those movies are musicals (Mamma Mia, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Etc.)
69. My dishes are fiesta ware and none of the colors match and I love it.
70. I hate snow, but think it is beautiful.
71. I have no problem with busting a move anywhere anytime.
72. Honestly I have no desire to own a home.
73. My bike is named after a Stargate SG-1 Character.
74. Holy cow this is hard, but I don’t back away from hard.
75. I want to try out for Jeopardy
76. I miss the street Casey and I first lived together on.
77. We lived with 3 other guys.
78. Our neighbors from that street then are irreplaceable.
79. There was only one bathroom in that house.
80. If you walked by the dishwasher in the winter you got hit by a blast a cold air from outside.
81. Since I was 17 I have buried a friend every year, I am ready fro a year off.
82. I will have rangers season tickets someday.
83. I find this whole 100 thing extremely narcissistic.
84. Ian is the best thing I have ever done.
85. I still walk into my best friends parents house with out knocking.
86. I once took a nap with out anyone being there, when they found me they asked how long I had been there.
87. After answering 2 hours, Suzanne then asked me if I had eaten the left overs from the night before’s dinner cause she had made spaghetti (which is my favorite thing she makes).
88. That was not the first time that I was caught taking a nap at their house nor was it the last.
89. I miss those naps.
90. In 4-H I caught the kitchen on fire, that is when the home ec teacher told em to not sign up for home ec in high school.
91. I am trying to be a better cook.
92. I plan on never cooking a turkey.
93. I love baking, I am trying to perfect my pumpkin pie.
94. I do not eat pumpkin pie.
95. I used to be allergic to coconut; but since having Ian I can eat it again.
96. We bought our living room furniture of craiglist.
97. My family thought my horse Native was crazy, he just didn’t like any of them.
98. Native was the only horse I have ever had who enjoyed being groomed.
99. I am addicted to reality TV.
100. Toddlers and Tiara’s is my newest obsession.

2 Replies to “100 Things”

  1. So…how do you feel about number 72 now? And…if you did this all over again, starting with this list, what would you leave, change and take off?


    1. I am thinking of doing it again, I am very happy where we are now. Knowing our lives 8 years ago homeownership wasn’t in the cards. Our last rental in Texas before Casey joined the army we had the opportunity to buy for 79,000 and I regret being unable too. It is now worth 220,000 as a townhome.


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