Not one of the blessed

Pregnant ladies, that has amazing hair, skin, and looks like a Goddess.

Instead I look a bit like a troll. The picture above is me with no make up after just completing my nightly routine, it just shows the big zits. I have the skin of my 14 year old self again, this makes me want to cry. I can’t do what I did then and get anti-acne medicine from the doctor. So I hit up the store and bought me some clean and clear face wash, man there are so many more options then there was when I was in high school. If that doesn’t do it, I might have to break down and but some of the moisturizer too.

So dear readers, I ask you what can I use as a pregnant mama who needs to do something about this troll like skin. I know that I am pregnant and everything seems to be going right this time, but the way I look this time is so bad compared to what I looked like with Ian. I feel so unpretty this time, I don’t know what to do to change this. So I am putting this out there, I need some help, tips, tricks and advice to help me embrace the changes and feel like the amazing woman that I am.

Picture from earlier tonight, from before mine and Casey date for full idea.

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