We say Good Bye, You Say Hello

As of today (march 5, 2011) my sil L and her husband M, moved to CO. We knew this was coming and what they wanted but still tough.

This morning my FIL called at the crack of dawn (really 8 o’clock) to say he was on his way that they were going to be driving thru our area around lunch time and stopping. So we jumped up and started getting ready. I think this is the toughest on my awesome FIL, his baby (L is the youngest) is moving away. I mean she won’t be far from family, she is going to be in the same town as Casey’s other sister Barbie and her husband Ken (nicknames people). Still though in another state and not a 3-4 hour car ride if we needed to be there.

As the morning went on and I realized that we would be lunching not far from my hometown, I called my Daddy and Janiece asking them to join us. They gladly accept and it became a small going away party taking over Whataburger, for an impromtu lunch.

Ian didn’t realize why we were all there surrounding him and loving on him, he was just so happy to have 3 of his 4 grandparents and an Aunt loving on him. The mood as we talked, ate, and laughed was ; he mood was upbeat and happy, never once did it hit me that they were leaving. The meal was fastest I think we ever have had(they had to get back on the road they had at least another 12 hours of driving today)

As quickly as the meal started it was over, we were standing in the cold wind giving hugs. Saying goodbyes, last tidbits of advice, love, family gossip being exchanged as they were preparing to climb in there U-Haul and drive away. I was filled with a bit of sadness, I can’t imagine what my FIL felt. Then they were gone.

Best of luck L and M, I hope that your new life and home are filled with lots of happiness love and laughter.

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