Something Finally

As of Next Saturday and this will be us. We finally found a place and then the app got accepted, we meet with the realtor on monday afternoon to sign our lease. As her instructions we had to have all utilities in our name (with a connection date on or before our move in day) and confirmation numbers when we meet to sign the lease. So as soon as I got our good news, I had to get busy get things done. 

After I got all the necessary ones in our name, went the work of trying to find a internet and tv provider.  Casey was adamanth that we have high speed internet and was quiet disappointed to find out that our only option was mid-speed dsl.  Which could be worse, I know this; I have a cousin who can only get dial up at her house still.  I find this hilarious being 2010 and living in town this was our only option. For TV we had to chose which satellite, which isn’t a problem at all.  I wish that we could go tv free but I know that isn’t really an option for my family at the moment.

So I will/need to be a busy packing bee this next week. Anyone want to help? I hate packing, I don’t mind unpacking so much but packing is so hard for me to wrap my brain around. THe one joy about moving is I can finally buy something for this new baby. Casey has banned me from buying this baby anything until after we have move. I know I don’t need to go crazy but, I would like to do something.

I can’t wait till we move so I can take pictures and show you our great place.

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