Am I Insane

So we put in an application on a rent house. If it is excepted we will move in 19 days, I don’t know what to do. Do I start packing, what if we don’t get accepted. I mean tomorrow we turn in our 30 day notice on our apartment. I mean no matter what I have to start packing we will lose possession of our current home in 30 days.

What happens if they don’t accept and then we don’t have a place in 30 days. I am so nervous, I know this is going to be a different process while waiting for a news. The realtor we are working with is amazing.

Please pray for us, as we wait for news. We need prayers for peace with whatever the decision might be, for strength, patience (a weakness of mine), and just in general.

I have to start packing because no matter what we have to be out of here in 30 days. This is a challenge for me. I am unsure of how to pack Ian’s things with out a melt down. Heck, I am confused of where to start. So please share your tips, tricks, and advice about moving.

Now we wait. If/When our offer is accept I will tell you about the home.

Tiger Pacing

I am 12 weeks pregnant, Ian is 2yrs old and we will be moving in 19 days.

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