The Weekend that Wasn’t

Friday was Casey’s birthday, and we had a small gathering of friends over for a dinner of Tacos. It was a night of love and laughter. I was am extremely proud of the turn out, our friends all came out. The ones that I remembered to invite, I forgot like 5 people. I was so happy to do this for Casey since we haven’t done much for his birthday since Ian has been born. Ian partied so hard that he passed out.

Yesterday I awoke to a headache so bad that I wanted to spend the day in bed, which Ian and Casey were not fond of. Finally after a long day my loving husband got me a ziploc baggy of ice, some Tylenol and a touch of caffeine. I was feeling some relief, add in some sleep and I awoke headache free.

I hope the headache was just a fluke, I really hope it isn’t a early sign of a looming illness. This weekend has flown by in a blur, I am ready for a weekend again.

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