The Sharp Knife of A Short LIfe….

Last Wednesday a great man was taken to soon. Clay was a son, brother, husband, father, and friend. He was only 26, and in the past few years we weren’t as close as we once used to be. In high school he was my ride to school nearly everyday of my sophomore and junior years. I had 3 honks (5 minutes to get ready once he pulled up). In that 5 minutes I could be showered and out the door, no I wasn’t looking good but I was ready. Every morning I would get in the car and my greeting would be damn it Bobbi you could get in the shower before I pull up and you looking like hell. Because of Clay I grew to love my dr pepper flat,  every morning we would stop and get a bottle at a local store (they were only .69), he would go into get them and come out shaking them. As soon as we would pull up to school every morning he would say. “Choo Choo express has reached it destinationK get the f#@& out”.


I have so many memories with Clay, which ones to share is the problem I am having. My heart is so sore, even if we haven’t been close as of recent.  I remember when I was district 2 queen and the year end national conference I had to have an escort, I forced him to help me. I remember how he didn’t want to get dressed up for it but did it anyways. And while he was walking me across stage, he whispered something about district one queen being fine. I remember saying well go talk to her when were done, and him saying woot woot. The rest of the night he was trying to flirt with her.  If I remember correctly they even danced together a couple of times.

Then there was the time we went to play putt putt, and no matter what I tried I wasn’t going to win. He was cheating. Would knock my ball back, so fourth but it was so much fun. This is one of the last times, I can remember hanging out with him one on one, it was shortly before we lost his mom. I am still sad that I let life get in the way and with time lost touch with a great friend.

Side note at the visitation I asked Ta, his sister how she was feeling and she looked right at me as said “How would you feel if you lost your brother, oh thats right your an only child”. I knew right then that with time she would be as okay as she could be, if shes would have given me a normal answer I would have been worried. Ta and ChooChoo where always cracking me up like the time I am laying in Trauma icu after my wreck. Ta looks right at me and goes your eye shadow has glitter in it, that is the only way I can tell you had any on cause the purple is the same color as the bruises. The ChooChoo goes how long your boob been hanging out, that is right my parents let me sit drugged up to see guest with my boob hanging out of my gown. I pulled up my gown while laughing, they kept me cracking up the whole time they were there until the nurse told them to stop it.

The world won’t be the same with out him and his ChooChooisms.

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