When Everyone wakes up on the Wrong side of the bed.

Including the dog makes for a very rough morning, I am so grateful that it is nap time. This morning has been full of tears and meltdowns, sadly not all from the toddler. It is a gorgeous day here, so I decided to diffuse the meltdowns with a trip outside to play with Ian’s new bubble mower (Fisher Price XLT Bubble Mower). Dumbest decision ever that mower is the devil, I followed instructions perfectly still ended up with bubbles all over my office. A crying toddler and mom, me on the phone with Casey saying I wanted the throw the damn thing in the trash. Then after my temper tantrum, I calmed down we took the bubble mower (fisher price xlt bubble mower) outside anyways and even if it doesn’t work it still rolls. Ian and I played outside until he spotted our car and he ran over to asking to go. I asked him where and he said anywhere, with that I thought we could make a quick lunch run. Maybe that is what we needed a little bit of out of the house time. So I ran the mower upstairs, grabbed the keys, loaded all of us (we couldn’t leave FootFoot at home). I think we were in the car maybe a total of 15 minutes that was with sitting in the drive-thru at Cane’s. Once we were home at at the table eating, everyones mood was a bit lighter. He finished up and willing asked to go take a night, who am I to say no. So with him napping, and me enjoying some quiet. Lets hope after nap is better for all of us. and on that damn Fisher Price XLT Mower, I still want to throw it in the dumpster but Casey won’t let me.

I might need one of these if this day doesn’t get better.
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The Damn Mower was a Christmas gift from my mom, so it wasn’t sent to us for review. Not that what I have to say is good anyways.

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