In no way close to perfect.

My little home is in now way close to perfect, it isn’t what I dreamed of as a little girl. It is filled with love, laughter, hugs, and kisses. I dreamed of sunshine filled rooms lots of bright colors and just the perfect touches here and there. Instead I feel like I am drowning, that I can never get to the point of easy maintainable clean.

As a kid growing up my best friend Lou’s mom Suzanne home was always the perfect balance of clean and welcoming. I mean to this day I can walk into her home and I just feel comfortable. I have always wondered how she does it, I mean I have been around numerous years and still can’t figure it out. I mean I know as we when we were younger she would get up early on Saturdays and clean we were often woke up by her so subtle banging at the door with the vacuum. I want that kind of vibe in my home, I want to be able maintain that type of clean. What is the key to getting this?

I know I need to have a major purge, I come from two pack rats who made me into a pack rat. I am getting better but my major weakness is clothes. I love them, I need to figure out the right balance of what to trash and what to keep. What do I really need and what can I donate. Then there is the toy situation of Ian’s, what can I keep and what can I donate. I feel like they are over taking my home.

So please any tips tricks or advice or welcome. If anyone knows the key to breaking the mental block that makes purging so hard?

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