Crazy with a Dash of I Rock

A few months ago, I mentioned I wanted to complete a half marathon this year, well that may have to wait a bit. Maybe early in 2012, maybe I can make it my goal to happen for my 27 birthday. Even though, I won’t be finishing a half marathon this year doesn’t mean I have to give up on my goal complete with some prodding on twitter I decided that I will me doing a 5k in March. I will be 14 weeks, and with Casey supporting me I totally can do this. He told me don’t be afraid to walk some if you have too, the goal is to finish. So on March 12, I will be doing my first 5K.

Now, I know this may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is. My Sister W, completed a half marathon while pregnant. She has been running her whole life and I have not. So I will do it and I will finish even if I have to walk some.

5k race number Pictures, Images and Photos

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