Here I Am.

Laying in a hotel bed beside my husband because his company was kind enough to throw his company a party but to also pay for us lodging for tonight. Instead of getting to enjoy my night alone with my hubs, he is snoozing beside me and I am waiting for my medication to kick in so I don’t spend the night in the bathroom again. Morning all day night sickness has arrived, I am so thankful for the signs that the babe is in there and growing.

Today Casey and I enjoyed our 24 hour excursion to Austin, we wondered around downtown for a bit after checking into our room. We walked down Congress to see the capital. Once through security where the State Trooper was confused by my bag. It was a relief to see that you can wander around the capital building with having to pay a fee or be herded around like a head of cattle. We got to see it at our speed, I mean it wasn’t anything but the halls but some of the art on the walls is amazing.

After our afternoon adventure and a disappointing lunch, we returned to our hotel room to get ready for the party. While getting ready Casey said that we could tell his co workers, I am expecting. This is a big thing guys, he didn’t want to tell anyone till 14 weeks. I don’t know what this means but I will take it.

After getting ready to party we headed to ZTejas for the party. We were in a private room and the first to arrive (if you know me at all I am always late, I hate to be the first one at an event). Where at the open bar, I ordered myself a cranberry and lime. Once everyone was there and and drinks in hand they finally started passing around appetizers. I don’t remember what brought up me being pregnant but it was comment one of Casey’s Austin Office Co-worker (female) made. Then she kept making comments all night and then as we were leaving tried to touch my belly, I don’t know this lady from Eve.

Well all and all, it was an amazing 24 hours to reconnect with my husband. We talked about how we should try to do something like this a little more often.

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The capital seemed to be a meca for romping squirrels.

2 Replies to “Here I Am.”

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time with your husband. It's always so nice to get away, isn't it?Congratulations on the baby!


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