Blur, that is the next two weeks.

This next two weeks are going to fly by in a flurry if activities and festivities. It all starts with Casey’s company Christmas party in Austin on Saturday. They are kind enough to even pay for lodging for us to come down there, it is like a mini kid free vacation. My Daddy and Janiece have been kind enough to agree to watch Ian while we are gone. Sadly though Saturday though is their second annual Christmas Shindig. We will be missing it but at least one member of our family will be present. Then we will be hitting the road to the in-laws for a couple of days, before returning home for Christmas. Then on new year’s eve, we will be headed to Shreveport for the wedding of two friends. Then somewhere in between all this my family will be having a get together and my moms family too. On top of all this as of yesterday I am medication free as of yesterday, and to top it all off it seems morning all day sickness decides to start tonight. Blech, I never thought I would say this but I am grateful that with Ian, I would get sick and feel better. I am very grateful for more signs that this baby is in there growing away, remind of that with the next symptom that shows up.

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